To Thunderspire!
Shakin off the rust, and kickin up dust.


Day 1 The adventure begins in Winterhaven. The group Kickass, has met with Lord Padraig and have agreed to investigate the origins of a note that was discovered during their adventures in the Keep on the Shadowfell. Lord Padraig has agreed to pay 1000gp upon proof that the slaver threat has been eliminated.

The group then purchased a cottage just outside the walls of Winterhaven from an older widow of the town for the price of 400gp. Included with the cottage were 5 acres of land that the groups wished to have walls built around for the purpose of becoming part of the village. Lord Padraig sent forth his head labor officer Gerard Windybottom to guide the construction.

Gerard has agreed to build 2 walls at the cost of 300gp for each wall, as well as knocking a section out of the current Winterhaven wall and building a doorway for 150gp.

The group then met with Bairwin Wildarson and agreed to transport a locked cask to the Seven Pillared Hall and trade the cask to Gendar for Bairwins goods. Payment of 420gp will be upon delivery of the goods to Bairwin.

The group purchased a wagon and a horse and set out for Thunderspire Mountain to the East.

Day 2 On the road just outside of Fallcrest, the group encountered a [Dire Boar]]. The boar was slaughtered and then skinned, with the skin then becoming a seat cover on the wagon. Thresh took one of the tusks for decoration.

The group arrived in Fallcrest, and stayed overnight at the Nentir Inn. During their stay in Fallcrest, they visited the Halfmoon Trading House and Naerumar’s Imports. At Naerumars, they made 2 purchases that will be ready in four weeks time. A Rod of Supplementary Force +1 – 750gp, and an Aftershock Waraxe +1 – 575gp.

Day 3 After a days travel, the group has arrived at Thunderspire. After traveling on the road in the mountain for a bit, they overheard some loud voices. Upon further investigation, they discovered a small band of Bloodreaver hobgoblins who had captured a halfling named Rendil Halfmoon. After defeating the hobgoblins, Rendil led the adventurers back to the Halfmoon Inn located in the [[Seven-Pillared Hall]].

Day 4 The adventurers set out for the wainwright shop to have their wagon upgraded to a war wagon. they also agreed to trade their horse for a mule as well as purchasing an additional mule. Total cost 40gp and the adventurers will have to wait 2 weeks for the conversion.

The group sought out Terrlen Darkseeker at the recommendation of Rendil. Terrlen was known to be the best guide in the Labyrinth, thus the group agreed to his 10gp per day fee to take then to the Horned Hold. Nearing their destination, Terrlen suddenly transformed into a werewolf and was set upon by the adventurers. During the battle, a group of seven hyenas were alerted and came running, hoping for a quick meal. Instead, they found a well armed group in the midst of battle and were summarily slayed.

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